Covid-19 Response

2020-2021 Season Updates

(as of December 21, 2020)


What is the status of this season’s subscription programs?

  • All original 2020-21 programs will be rescheduled into a future season.
  • Seraphic Fire is presenting a modified, multimedia season: Season S: Vita Brevis, Ars Longa.
  • Season S begins on November 8, with monthly programs presented through May 2021.

What is the status of the Youth Initiative program?

  • All in-school education programs are being transitioned to an online, pre-recorded format.
  • Education staff and artists are working diligently to create virtual, interactive versions of all in-school programs, workshops, and youth concerts..
  • As far as returning to live in-person programming, Seraphic Fire will follow decisions and recommendations made by the Miami-Dade County Public School System. We anticipate returning to in-person, in-school programs starting in Fall 2021.

How is the organization faring financially?

  • Seraphic Fire has a Board-approved interim strategy designed to weather this crisis through reduced operational expenses, with temporary emergency support from generous grantors and the Payroll Protection Program.
  • As an additional security measure, the organization has a cash reserve that was further funded through an FY20 operational surplus. The current reserve amount is $158,000. (Seraphic Fire’s monthly overhead is around $60k)
  • The Executive Director and Artistic Director took volunteer 20% salary reductions starting on April 1, 2020. With plans to keep those reductions in place through May 2021, this will save the organization nearly $60,000.
  • Patrons are encouraged to continue supporting the organization through regular donations, by purchasing a Season S Pass, and pre-subscribing to the 2021-22 Season, with confidence that Seraphic Fire is taking the necessary steps to preserve the institution. Your investment now will help Seraphic Fire re-launch its programs in full once it is safe to do so.
  • The administration, in communication with the Finance Committee, continues to build and review multiple scenarios and contingencies, with pre-set performance benchmarks for tracking purposes, all to ensure we are prepared to act quickly by following a pre-determined set of actions. As of December 2020, Seraphic Fire has met all its financial benchmarks and anticipates ending the fiscal year in May 2021 with a balanced budget.

How is the organization taking care of its artists and staff?

  • Seraphic Fire provided base compensation to all artists for canceled performances between March and August of 2020.
  • An artist fundraiser brought in nearly $15,000 to further augmented their income during this period of cancellations.
  • The revised Season “S” guarantees all contracted artists for the 2020-21 Season will receive at least base pay.
  • All administrative positions have been preserved, and staff has been given additional time-off for mental health.

Does Seraphic Fire have a reopening plan?

  • Yes! The Board of Directors recently approved a robust Reopening Plan that includes three phases that outline the internal and external conditions necessary for Seraphic Fire to present live performance activities, and details the various operational modifications that staff and artists will implement.
    • Phase I – modified artistic product and modified concert experience
    • Phase II – standard artistic product and modified concert experience
    • Phase III – return to normal concert operations
  • Seraphic Fire will consider entering Phase I of its plan no earlier than May 2021 and anticipates being in Phase III (back to normal) by December of the 2021-22 Season.

What will happen to my 2020-21 Subscription?

  • All current subscribers will be given several options, including the ability to transfer their subscription into a future season.
  • Donated tickets, while not expected, continue to help Seraphic Fire plan and execute future programs, and compensate its talented artists and staff. As of December 2020, patrons have generously donated nearly $40,000 in tickets to help support Season S.
  • Staff will work with every ticket holder individually to find a solution that best suits their needs, including refunds if necessary.
  • Requests for full or partial refunds have been granted.
  • Subscribers should have received a personalized letter with their options, and the opportunity to purchase a Season S pass, which was mailed the first week of October. If you have not received your letter, please contact Melinda DeDominicis at

Will the Scandinavian, Messiah, and Biebl programs be rescheduled?

  • Yes! We plan to present these programs on future seasons. Look out for our 2021-22 Season Announcement coming this March.

Canceled Activities

  • Subscription concerts including Handel: Messiah and Biebl: Ave Maria
  • Education activities including the Youth Initiative, UCLA Ensemble Artist Program, and High School Master Class
  • Chorus America Conference hosted by Seraphic Fire
  • Professional Choral Institute at Aspen Music Festival & School

How You Can Help

Our emergency resources are finite. To ensure Seraphic Fire’s long-term survival, we need your help. If you’re able to support us, there are two ways you can do so today:

Our Interim Strategy

The Board of Directors endorsed an Interim Strategy to guide us through the next few months. Our priorities during this period are financial stewardship to survive the crisis, and supporting the vital ecosystem made up of our patrons, artists, and staff.

To that end, we are taking the following steps:

  • Seraphic Fire paid artists contracted for our April and May 2020 programs
  • Artistic leadership is producing digital programming to connect and engage with our supporters
  • Administration is restricting all expenditures, and executive leadership has taken a voluntary salary reduction with no definitive end date

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