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A Spanish Pilgrimage with American Brass Quintet

A Spanish Pilgrimage with American Brass Quintet

Wed, Oct 17, 7:30pm  |  Miami

Thu, Oct 18, 7:30pm  |  Boca Raton

Fri, Oct 19, 7:30pm  |  Coral Gables

Sat, Oct 20, 7:30pm  |  Ft. Lauderdale

Chant for Men's Voices

Chant for Men’s Voices

Thu, Nov 8, 7:00pm  |  Miami Beach

Fri, Nov 9, 7:30pm  |  Coral Gables

Sat, Nov 10, 7:30pm  |  Ft. Lauderdale

A Seraphic Fire Christmas

A Seraphic Fire Christmas

Thu, Dec 6, 7:30pm  |  Boca Raton

Fri, Dec 7, 7:30pm  |  Coral Gables: St. Philip’s

Sat, Dec 8, 7:30pm  |  Miami Beach

Sun, Dec 9, 7:00pm  |  Ft. Lauderdale

Wed, Dec 12, 7:30pm  |  Miami

Thu, Dec 13, 7:00pm  |  Naples

Fri, Dec 14, 7:30pm  |  Coral Gables: First United

I Have A Dream: Music of the African-American Tradition

I Have A Dream: Music of the African-American Tradition

Tue, Jan 15, 7:00pm  |  Naples

Wed, Jan 16, 7:30pm  |  Miami Beach

Thu, Jan 17, 7:30pm  |  Boca Raton

Fri, Jan 18, 7:30pm  |  Coral Gables

Sat, Jan 19, 7:30pm  |  Ft. Lauderdale

Vivaldi and the Pietà

Vivaldi and the Pietà

Wed, Feb 13, 7:30  |  Boca Raton

Thu, Feb 14, 7:30pm  |  Naples

Fri, Feb 15, 7:30pm  |  Coral Gables

Sat, Feb 16, 7:30pm  |  Ft. Lauderdale

Korean Choral Treasures

Korean Choral Treasures

Wed, Mar 13, 7:30pm  |  Miami

Thu, Mar 14, 7:00pm  |  Naples

Fri, Mar 15, 7:30pm  |  Coral Gables

Sat, Mar 16, 7:30pm  |  Ft. Lauderdale

Sun, Mar 17, 4:00pm  |  Miami Beach

Barroco: Latin American Baroque

Barroco: Latin American Baroque

Fri, Apr 12, 7:30pm  |  Coral Gables

Sat, Apr 13, 7:30pm  |  Ft. Lauderdale

Sun, Apr 14, 4:00pm  |  Naples

A Prayer for Harmony: Peace in Music

A Prayer for Harmony: Peace in Music

Tue, May 7, 7:00pm  |  Naples

Wed, May 8, 7:30pm  |  Miami

Fri, May 10, 7:30pm  |  Coral Gables

Sat, May 11, 7:30pm  |  Ft. Lauderdale

Sun, May 12, 4:00pm  |  Miami Beach

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