Seraphic Fire Media Launches the SERAPHIC SATURDAY PODCAST

Seraphic Fire Media Launches the

Classical Vocal Ensemble group creates intimate online connection with listeners

MIAMI, FL – With Covid-19 impacting live performances, Seraphic Fire has responded to the outpouring of requests for ongoing classical entertainment from subscribers and other lovers of classical vocal performance by creating Seraphic Saturday Podcasts. Seraphic Fire Media (“SFM”), the publishing arm of the GRAMMY®-nominated vocal ensemble Seraphic Fire, announces the launch of the new Seraphic Saturday Podcast. Each episode is a smart and frank discussion of classical music featuring the charming and witty cast of Seraphic Fire’s artistic company as well as special guests. The first in the series, “Gamma ut,” will be released Saturday, May 2, 2020 on Seraphic Fire’s blog ( and in all apps where quality podcasts are found.

Who:    Seraphic Fire, professional classical vocal ensemble based in South Florida

What:   Launch of the Seraphic Saturday Podcast

When:  Beginning Saturday, May 2, 2020 and published once monthly thereafter

Where: and wherever quality podcasts are found

“Our audiences are the primary inspiration behind our music-making: their thoughtfulness, their curiosity, their fearlessness in trying new things. We want to continue the conversation that we typically have with our constituents, only, this time, through their headphones rather than in the concert hall,” says Patrick Dupré Quigley, host of the Seraphic Saturday Podcast, and Seraphic Fire Founder and Artistic Director.

“Everyone at Seraphic Fire – board, staff, artists – has worked hard for many years to put this ensemble in a position to make the vocal art form an important part of the South Florida culture,” says longtime Seraphic Fire executive director, Rhett Del Campo. “That can’t stop now just because of distance. The symbiotic relationship between artist and audience will evolve through the Seraphic Saturday Podcast.”

“Each one of the artists, they’re just amazing…” says Dr. Thomas Boyd, chair of the Seraphic Fire Board of Directors. “They’re smart, and not only are they remarkable musicians, but they are also fascinating and highly educated individuals who have each gone through decades of specialized training in their skill; training that reaches as far back as Hildegard of Bingen.”

“Seraphic Fire has nurtured a community of artists who believe deeply in the composers whose music they perform, and the skill that it takes to perform those composers at the highest level,” says Joanne N. Schulte, professor of organ at Florida International University and founding chair of Seraphic Fire. “What a joy that Seraphic Fire’s commitment to informed music-making can be featured in such a widely accessible format. We are already considering the possibilities this might have for our many music education programs, and our ability to reach more kids and adults who like the freedom of a podcast.”

    An in-depth look at Episode 1: Gamma ut*

Available to listeners on May 2, 2020, this inaugural podcast will cover a wide range of topics:

What is a Seraphic Fire?  Quigley & James K. Bass, Professor of Music at the Herb Alpert School of Music at UCLA, discuss 17 years of Seraphic Fire with a brief intro to the ensemble and its music-making.

Baseball! Baseball! Soprano Margot Rood talks about the release of her new solo album, “Living In Light: The Music of Heather Gilligan,” recording Charpentier with the Boston Early Music Festival and Ockeghem with Blue Heron. She also delves into details on regional accents, historically informed summer stock, and performing Bach and Handel with Seraphic Fire.

Cocktail Party. Seraphic Fire regulars Kathryn Mueller, soprano, Misty Bermudez, mezzo-soprano, Reginald Mobley, countertenor, Steven Soph, tenor, and James Bass discuss Seraphic Fire history in this retelling of their favorite on-the-road stories.

And equally important, Listener Mail. Seraphic Saturday Podcast producer Alexis Aimé presents questions submitted by listeners and Quigley answers with the help of JSTOR (aka “Nerd Google”).

For more information on future podcasts, visit Seraphic Fire on the web at To submit questions or suggestions email

For interview requests, high resolution photographs, and advance copies of the Seraphic Saturday Podcast, please contact Laura Shand at (305) 285-9060 or email

    * Guido, an Italian monk in the early 1500s, invented the predecessor of the tonic sol-fa system, Julie Andrews’ favorite, which consists of doh, ray, me, fah, soh, lah and te. “Gamma ut” was the lowest note in the medieval musical scale. Eventually, the word was shortened to gamut, referring to his whole system; and, now commonly used, ‘the whole gamut’ has evolved to mean the complete range or scope of anything.
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